Unreal 5.1 Mix Universe Audio Reactive Example Project

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Unreal 5.1 Mix Universe Audio Reactive Example Project

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All of the audio example resources related to Mix Universe's GDC Talk.

More details and other links can be found here.

Project is made using Unreal 5.1.

Quartz Visual Subsystem

  • Allows simple queuing up of visuals that are synced up to quartz.

Quartz Stable Example

  • A quartz queued example setup with 8th note quantization and an example of 32nd not quantization for testing purposes.

Quartz Visual Example

  • Showing different methods for visualizing the current musical data via quarts.

Spectrum Visual Examples

  • Basic setup with spawning 1000's of particles
  • Controlled usage with 100 particles
  • Spectral Data Directly To Render Target for use in materials

Some tweets that are related to this are here.

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